Our mission is to provide personalized and comprehensive, evidence- based mental health services to all age groups, ranging from children, adolescents to adults. We believe in the power of early diagnosis and intervention. When systems may seem like a challenge to navigate, we will help support you and your family through these seemingly complex pathways. The process starts with a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation and developing a thorough treatment plan, by meeting the family where they are and by giving them the necessary tools to make an informed decision. Often times, treatment may include medication management, but it does not end there. Our team of experts work with you and your family to educate you about the resources available in the community, and to connect you with the supports and services, through school systems, to college campuses and to workplaces.

Our mission embraces the following key principles:

  • • Providing comprehensive diagnostic assessments
  • • Providing the highest level of compassionate, personalized and evidence-based treatments.
  • • Advocacy for the patients and families we see.
  • • Connecting patients and families to resources and services in the community


  • • Community outreach to increase mental health awareness in the community
  • • Collaboration with school districts to promote mental health literacy

Integrated Care

  • • Collaboration with Primary care providers to help improve the rates of early diagnosis and treatments.
  • • Using Telemedicine services to improve access to mental health services within emergency rooms and offices of Primary Care Providers.